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Our Goal:

Provide a unique and affordable local information marketing tool
enabling professionals and business owners to benefit from today's
digital environment while promoting your products / service message.

Utilizing an identifier most entrepreneurs / representatives initially
invest in when starting and running a business, we offer the ability to
"Put Your Card On The Web" via two (2) display packages:

   1) Prominently advertise *free on our Web Site,
a collective resource focusing on local opportunities. Best of all, we further enhance
your on-line identity as we can hyper-link the card directly to your own home page!
[*Representatives may have one community / category static placement at no cost]

   2) Take advantage of our "starter" page which exclusively exhibits your card
and its front / back / inside message and images within a reasonable budget;
either with or without your very own dot com Web Address!

Both offers may even support your popular search engine ranking efforts
as everyone begins to recognize you as the professional ready to serve.

For further information,
please contact Phil Viger:
e-mail Phil@BCOTW.COM
or call (203) 235-0528

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